The Birds at Lockport

I took a drive to Lockport this morning to see how the ice was on the Red River at the locks today.  Not much ice around there, but some Gulls, Geese, Crow and a  Bald Eagle entertained me while I looked. First – a co-operative Gull posed for me – then a Crow flew overhead.… Continue reading The Birds at Lockport

The Forks in Spring (or is it?)

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day to go for a walk and take pictures at The Forks in Winnipeg.  But a severe winter storm is predicted to hit Manitoba today.  The last forecast indicates that Winnipeg may be spared the snow but get some freezing rain instead. The Forks name comes from the fact that… Continue reading The Forks in Spring (or is it?)

It’s Melting – It’s Really Melting

We have now had a few days of above 0C temperatures and the snow is disappearing!  I can see grass in my yard and the Red River ice is looking like it might be breaking up soon.  The skating trail was closed on the weekend and the warm up huts have been removed. The sidewalks… Continue reading It’s Melting – It’s Really Melting