Hopefully the birds will continue showing themselves again when Chester and I take our walks along the Red River.  This time it was a Cormorant – but he didn’t make it easy.  I had to use the full optical zoom and then keep going into the digital zoom for the pictures that I got. I… Continue reading Cormorant


On yesterday’s walk with Chester along the Red River, I found a Catbird singing.  He was perched in a dead tree where I have managed to get a few other bird pictures this year.  The birds that sing in the trees with leaves are much to hard to find for pictures, so I appreciate it… Continue reading Catbird

Bunny and Ducklings

Chester often finds bunnies in our neighbour’s yard.  The main problem for Chester is that the yard is fenced and the bunnies know this.  They do usually run off if Chester makes a charge at the fence after stalking them as close as he can.  This little guy seemed completely unconcerned about our presence. He… Continue reading Bunny and Ducklings

Song Sparrow

It is so nice to be serenaded by the Song Sparrows as Chester and I walk along the Red River.  Now that there are leaves on the trees, I can’t always find them, but this one decided that the top of the tree was the best place to be.  The river behind him makes a… Continue reading Song Sparrow

Red Lobster

My Mom and I have a tradition.  On or around my birthday, she takes me to Red Lobster for dinner and on or around her birthday, I take her to Red Lobster.   So today, being the day before my birthday, my Mom took me to Red Lobster and we had our favourite meals the Ultimate… Continue reading Red Lobster

Pete’s Pond

Pete’s Pond is a pond in Botswana, Africa.  A video camera was installed there by Pete LeRoux in 2005 and it was featured by National Geographic for several years.  I’m not sure when it was taken down – but it looks like National Geographic will no longer be hosting it. Skip forward to the present… Continue reading Pete’s Pond

August 19th

Another cool, rainy day here in Winnipeg.    How can we have having October weather, when the calendar says it is still August?  What happened to summer?  It is supposed to rain all day today, tomorrow and Friday.  😦 I have successfully re-located another squirrel to a park on the other side of  the river.  I… Continue reading August 19th