Walking Chester

Chester is a handful!  🙂  It’s my fault (of course) because I didn’t train him to walk properly on leash.  When he arrived in my home, he was the 3rd large dog and walking 3 large dogs just didn’t work.  So, I took them to an off-leash dog park and let them run.  This worked… Continue reading Walking Chester

Four Months to Christmas

Well, its August 25th and like the title says, its just 4 months to Christmas!  Time to get started doing some Christmas shopping. After a weekend with lots of rain – & real downpours, it has finally dried up and I got my lawn cut.  It always looks so good right after being cut – probably… Continue reading Four Months to Christmas


Another typical Saturday morning, except for a bump or two in the road.  My workout at the Y was delayed a bit this morning due to smoke in the building.  The fire department arrived and checked things out – found out that a motor had burnt out, so there was no danger of fire and… Continue reading Life

Pirates of the North Saskatchewan & Dakota

After work today, my friend Connie and I went to Celebrations Dinner Theatre.  Pirates of the North Saskatchewan was playing and we thoroughly enjoyed the show and the food. Unfortunately, Dakota has opened up a sore on her leg.  She has had this bump for a couple of years now and it hasn’t bothered her… Continue reading Pirates of the North Saskatchewan & Dakota

Another Busy Day

I started the day with a good workout at the Y’s brand new & wonderful fitness center.  This was immediately followed by a “not so healthy” but “oh so good” big breakfast. Once I got home, the dogs were ready for a walk, so we got the walk in before it got too warm.  Even… Continue reading Another Busy Day