Feb 27th

Winter came back (not that it ever left) with a vengence!  Yesterday it was -28C with a windchill of -38C – much too cold!  Today it is -33C but is not showing the windchill, even though there is a wind.  I’m not sure how that work – but it is COLD.  It is supposed to… Continue reading Feb 27th

Feb 24th

The weather is looking pretty good for a day or two – right now it is -8C and that isn’t bad for a morning in February in Winnipeg. 🙂 It is supposed to go up to -5C and only down to -7C overnight but will then drop on Wednesday. The dogs and I went for… Continue reading Feb 24th

Wonky/Skewy The Elephant

I woke up to sad news this morning that the elephant known as Wonky or Skewy has died.  He was well known at both Wild Earth and Africam, but really seemed to have a bond with Pieter from Wild Earth. I recently found out that Wonky had his own facebook page and immediately joined as… Continue reading Wonky/Skewy The Elephant

Feb 21st

Well, today is my sister Sharon’s birthday – happy birthday Sharon!  There – straight & simple with no insults. The weather was not bad today.  It got up to -11C and is supposed to go down to -22 overnight.  After my workout at the Y and breakfast at the Salisbury House, the dogs and I… Continue reading Feb 21st

Feb 20th

Weather still continues to be mid -teens to  mid -20sC which is ok.  Sun is shining, but show flurries are expected for this afternoon. At the Y, we now have our computers set up behind the new desk and the printers and fax are working again.  Most of the employees still need training on the… Continue reading Feb 20th

more of Feb 18th

This morning before I left for work, I had to show you the pictures I had just taken of Karula and one (or possibly both) of her cubs that the Wild Earth drive had shown us. Since I hadn’t posted yesterday, I had other pictures to show you as well, but wanted to post those… Continue reading more of Feb 18th


Temperatures yesterday ranged from -12C to -24C and it is looking pretty similar for today and  the next few days. The dogs and I had our walk after breakfast and before work yesterday and again this morning.  It was colder this morning with -23C and a windchill of -33C, so this morning’s walk was a… Continue reading Karula

February 15th

Temperatures here are back to about -15C during the day and down to the mid -20sC during the night.   But, since February is 1/2 over now, there isn’t a lot of winter left now. Saturday was my normal Saturday.  Exercise class at the Y, followed by a big breakfast at The Red Top.  Then I… Continue reading February 15th

Beautiful Day

Well, by Winnipeg’s standards in February, it is beautiful!  It is -5C with a windchill of -10C.  Great day for a dog walk, and that is what the dogs and I did.  We took a nice long walk in between appointments that I had today. These pictures are from our walk yesterday, since I didn’t… Continue reading Beautiful Day