Another cold day – no dog walking this morning with the -38C windchill again.   It did warm up a bit during the day and is now -21C with a windchill of -32C tonight. I am going to devote this post to an incident at work today.  I thought that once I left my government job… Continue reading Intimidation

March 10th

I thought winter was at least trying to leave – but we are back to the nasty cold again.  It is -24C with a windchill of -38C.  No dog walking this morning.  They seemed to know it too and neither one started the staring routine at our normal walk time like they usually do.  Both… Continue reading March 10th

Spring Forward

Tonight in North America, we move our clocks forward and loose an hour of sleep.  Of course, Sunday is my early day at work, so it will be extra early tomorrow.  The dogs never seem to have a problem with loosing an hour, because that means an earlier feeding time for them.  They have the… Continue reading Spring Forward

It is Friday here and Saturday in Africa

It is Friday evening here as I write this, but I am just about to begin my Saturday morning tweeping shift for Africam.  The hardest part to remember is that when I sign up for a Friday shift, I am really signing up for Saturday. Oh the weather report!  It has been pretty darn nice… Continue reading It is Friday here and Saturday in Africa

March 4th

I know it is probably wishful thinking, but it is beginning to feel like spring here.  It was -6C for our morning walk with the windchill making it feel like -14C, but after the winter full of low -30s, it felt quite springlike.  According to the forecast, it is supposed to stay around the same… Continue reading March 4th

March is Here

OK – so March arrived yesterday, but I didn’t have time yesterday to write anything.  It was my early day at work – starting at 6:30 am and another really busy day – but at least we had more staff, so it wasn’t crazy busy.  I was only home for about an hour – just… Continue reading March is Here

Feb 27th

Winter came back (not that it ever left) with a vengence!  Yesterday it was -28C with a windchill of -38C – much too cold!  Today it is -33C but is not showing the windchill, even though there is a wind.  I’m not sure how that work – but it is COLD.  It is supposed to… Continue reading Feb 27th

Feb 24th

The weather is looking pretty good for a day or two – right now it is -8C and that isn’t bad for a morning in February in Winnipeg. 🙂 It is supposed to go up to -5C and only down to -7C overnight but will then drop on Wednesday. The dogs and I went for… Continue reading Feb 24th