More on CATS and Building Walls

The Camera shy Cyrus approached me today while I was taking pictures of the newly started walls in the basement, so I now have his picture to add to my story.  He is always a pretty shy cat and easily goes into hiding, so it was nice to see him approach me.    So here is… Continue reading More on CATS and Building Walls

There are CATS in my House

  My daughter, Angela moved out a couple of years ago, but left her cats behind for awhile. She finally moved them out last year and my home has been cat free since then. I don’t mind cats – – – its just that they aren’t dogs. Last week, Angela and her cats moved back… Continue reading There are CATS in my House

Another Weekend Gone

I did accomplish all my chores this weekend, but its back to work tomorrow.  On Sundays I have an early start at work, since I open the place.  That means the workday ends early too. So, today I started out with a workout at the Y.  I didn’t get to the circuit training workout that… Continue reading Another Weekend Gone