February 15th

Temperatures here are back to about -15C during the day and down to the mid -20sC during the night.   But, since February is 1/2 over now, there isn’t a lot of winter left now. Saturday was my normal Saturday.  Exercise class at the Y, followed by a big breakfast at The Red Top.  Then I… Continue reading February 15th

Beautiful Day

Well, by Winnipeg’s standards in February, it is beautiful!  It is -5C with a windchill of -10C.  Great day for a dog walk, and that is what the dogs and I did.  We took a nice long walk in between appointments that I had today. These pictures are from our walk yesterday, since I didn’t… Continue reading Beautiful Day

Tooth Problems

One of the Africam forum members showed a picture of a lion with her lip caught on her tooth and I immediately thought of Chester and his tooth that often catches his lip. Here is a picture that I just took of a lioness from Wild Earth yesterday with her lip caught on her tooth… Continue reading Tooth Problems

Dogs and Cats

Another chilly morning today with -28C and a windchill of -39C, but they say it will be a bit warmer tomorrow.  Do I belive them?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Nothing much happening on Africam today.  The most exciting things was I was watching was that one of the regulars on the forum… Continue reading Dogs and Cats

Merry Christmas

Well, this is Christmas.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day! As usual on Christmas morning, I find myself parked in front of the computer, watching the cameras at Africam. Not too much happening there at this time, except for a herd of Impalas, peacefully grazing in front of the Nkorho Lodge. Oh, how I… Continue reading Merry Christmas

Its a Dog Day

Today is pretty much devoted to Dakota and Chester.    🙂 After my workout at the Y and breakfast at the Red Top, the dogs and I plowed through the fresh snow and went for a walk.  The temperature is so much better than it has been for the last week so we had a nice… Continue reading Its a Dog Day

More on CATS and Building Walls

The Camera shy Cyrus approached me today while I was taking pictures of the newly started walls in the basement, so I now have his picture to add to my story.  He is always a pretty shy cat and easily goes into hiding, so it was nice to see him approach me.    So here is… Continue reading More on CATS and Building Walls

There are CATS in my House

  My daughter, Angela moved out a couple of years ago, but left her cats behind for awhile. She finally moved them out last year and my home has been cat free since then. I don’t mind cats – – – its just that they aren’t dogs. Last week, Angela and her cats moved back… Continue reading There are CATS in my House

Another Weekend Gone

I did accomplish all my chores this weekend, but its back to work tomorrow.  On Sundays I have an early start at work, since I open the place.  That means the workday ends early too. So, today I started out with a workout at the Y.  I didn’t get to the circuit training workout that… Continue reading Another Weekend Gone