more of Feb 18th

This morning before I left for work, I had to show you the pictures I had just taken of Karula and one (or possibly both) of her cubs that the Wild Earth drive had shown us. Since I hadn’t posted yesterday, I had other pictures to show you as well, but wanted to post those… Continue reading more of Feb 18th


Temperatures yesterday ranged from -12C to -24C and it is looking pretty similar for today and  the next few days. The dogs and I had our walk after breakfast and before work yesterday and again this morning.  It was colder this morning with -23C and a windchill of -33C, so this morning’s walk was a… Continue reading Karula

Pool Day

Temperature is staying about the same again today between -18C & -13C.   This is Louie Riel Day in Manitoba, which is a new holiday. The new aquatic center is ready to open to the public on Wednesday, February 18th and today was the day for the staff to try it out before everyone else. Since… Continue reading Pool Day

February 15th

Temperatures here are back to about -15C during the day and down to the mid -20sC during the night.   But, since February is 1/2 over now, there isn’t a lot of winter left now. Saturday was my normal Saturday.  Exercise class at the Y, followed by a big breakfast at The Red Top.  Then I… Continue reading February 15th

Friday, the 13th

Our first Friday the 13th of the year. We will have another one next month and again in November. I woke up to -16C temperature with a windchill of -24C. The dogs and I went for our morning walk and it wasn’t too bad with the sun shining on us as we walked. We are… Continue reading Friday, the 13th

Feb 12th

Temperature has dropped down to -6C now, so things have frozen up again.  Snow is covering the ice on the sidewalks, but that is not a bad thing today, since there is enough snow that you don’t even notice the ice underneath.  I took the dogs for a walk this morning and other than dodging… Continue reading Feb 12th

Feb 10th

Well, the temperature stayed above 0C all day with +1C. The rain did not last long today and the roads were good, but slushy, and the sidewalks were getting much better. Of course the temperature is supposed to get slightly below 0C tonight, which will freeze everything back up again. When I walked into work… Continue reading Feb 10th