Leopard Sighting

I’ll start off as normal with the weather here   🙂 It really did warm up and is now -14C with a windchill of -22.  Of course, we will get some snow, but at least it is supposed to stay warm for the next few days anyway, so it isn’t a big deal to do some… Continue reading Leopard Sighting

A Couple of Days

Although the temperature this morning was about the same as it has been lately, this evening it is now looking better -20C, but the windchill is still -34C (which is better than the -39C it was this morning).  The forecast is for -10C by morning! I didn’t post anything after I left for work yesterday… Continue reading A Couple of Days

Dogs and Cats

Another chilly morning today with -28C and a windchill of -39C, but they say it will be a bit warmer tomorrow.  Do I belive them?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Nothing much happening on Africam today.  The most exciting things was I was watching was that one of the regulars on the forum… Continue reading Dogs and Cats

11 Months till Christmas

So, here it is – just 11 months till  Christmas.  Are you ready yet?   🙂 The temperature here is very similar to what it was at Christmas.  This morning was -27C with a windchill of -38C.  This cold spell is not supposed to last as long as the last one though. The same as any… Continue reading 11 Months till Christmas

Jan 24th

Another chilly morning at -25C and a windchill of -38C. The cams never did come back up at Africam yesterday. Many of the lodges in the area lost power from about 7pm till 11 am, which is my daytime and therefore my viewing time.  They are back up though and I spent the first part… Continue reading Jan 24th

Jan 23rd

Well, I’m sad to say that our warm streak has ended.  I woke up this morning to -25C temperature with a windchill of -37C.  I generally use -35C as the base low for dog walking, so this morning is out, but hopefully it will warm up a bit by afternoon and we can walk then. … Continue reading Jan 23rd

January 21st

Tuesday was another above average temperature and this morning is the same, starting off with -8C and a forecasted high of -4C. Yesterday was a big day in U.S. history and it spilled over to many other countries, including Canada (of course).  Much of the celebrating in Canada was more about the joy at saying… Continue reading January 21st