September 24th

Fall is officially here.  My chrysanthemums are blooming, the vine on the fence is turning red, the mushrooms are popping up and it is getting quite chilly at night now.  Jewel wanted to get in on the pictures too, so she is here – just because  🙂     This was pretty cute, but I don’t… Continue reading September 24th

Sold, etc

Finally, the house across the street from me has been sold.  I was getting worried because houses in my area normally sell within days of the “for sale” sign going up.  Hopefully the new neighbours will be better than the ones on the way out.  The house next door is still for sale though.  That… Continue reading Sold, etc


I have been associated with for some time now.  This is an organization that allows for small businesses to take out loans, using money from several different lenders.  Many lenders just lend small amounts (as I have been doing).  You choose the person, business or group of people that you wish to loan your… Continue reading Kiva