Birding Day at Africam

Friday, January 16th was birding day at the Nkorho waterhole at Africam.  The morning (last night for me) started out great with Bushie looking after the cam and quickly spotting the birds in the area.  She also knows her bird calls, so we were learning all the names and calls of the ones we seldom… Continue reading Birding Day at Africam

Excitement at Africam

I’ve got to start out with today’s weather (of course).  It is now -32C with a windchill of -43C – but they are still promising above normal temperatures on Saturday and tomorrow should be much warmer as well.  I’m hoping! Now to my regularly scheduled Africam update for today. The Elephant Plains cam is down… Continue reading Excitement at Africam

Africam and the COLD Weather

When we start setting records for the coldest day, you know that it is cold.  Yesterday we set a new low record and today is looking pretty much the same – only today we have more wind. OK – back to our regularly scheduled Africam update.  There is going to be a birding day on this… Continue reading Africam and the COLD Weather

Even Colder!

I woke up this morning to -36C and they didn’t put the windchill value – but luckily there isn’t much wind.   I would sure like to head for someplace warm and stay there until April when spring will arive here (hopefully). So, in the meantime, I open the cams at Africam and dream. This morning,… Continue reading Even Colder!

Cold Again

It is -31C tonight with a windchill of -42C and the temperature is supposed to drop to -34C and I hate to think what the windchill would be with that.  I really do not enjoy this cold stuff, but yes – it is what we often get in January.  If we hadn’t had it through… Continue reading Cold Again

Just an Average Day

The weather forecasters did ok today.  This morning it was -16C and now at 9pm it is -14C and snowing.  It is supposed to drop overnight and be -22C in the morning.  Let’s see how this forecast works out. A normal Saturday morning – workout at the Y, followed by breakfast at the Red Top,… Continue reading Just an Average Day

Africam and the Y

Good news on the lions at Africam. Sometimes stories get changed when someone tells someone who tells someone who tells – – – well, you get the idea. Yes, one of the Manyeleti Brothers was injured, and the injury is severe on one of his hind legs. But, the other brother was not killed. He… Continue reading Africam and the Y