Beautiful Day

Well, by Winnipeg’s standards in February, it is beautiful!  It is -5C with a windchill of -10C.  Great day for a dog walk, and that is what the dogs and I did.  We took a nice long walk in between appointments that I had today. These pictures are from our walk yesterday, since I didn’t… Continue reading Beautiful Day

Feb 5th

Temperature is a balmy -16C with an expected high of -4C.  Although the temperature got up to -18C, that wind was nasty and made it very difficult to do anything outside.  The old elm trees in my yard were creaking and groaning horribly.  Luckily, no branches came down. Our new desk is up at the… Continue reading Feb 5th

Another Day

It is warmer today – not as warm as they predicted, but it is warmer.  Right now it is -20C with a windchill of -33C but the temperature is supposed to be rising all day, but then so are the winds.  We’ll see!   🙂 We did a little re-arranging of the desk area at work… Continue reading Another Day

February 3rd

Well, it seems that my comment about it supposed to be gettinig warmer today was not true.  Amazingly enough the forecast was changed by the time I got home from work yesterday and they were now forecasting the low -20sC .  To my surprise, it was -34C when i woke up though.  It is supposed… Continue reading February 3rd

It’s February!

First a brief weather report  🙂 Yesterday was normal temperatures for Winnipeg – although I think this is the first time we’ve had normal temperatures for some time – so how can it be normal?   Anyway, it was around -12C for most of the day, but we had some snow and extreme wind, with wind… Continue reading It’s February!

A Couple of Days Again

I went from writing 3 posts in one day – a record for me, to missing a day and waiting until just about the end of the next day before getting around to writing again.  And it was my days off work that I missed writing! Yesterday’s weather did not get as warm as forecast… Continue reading A Couple of Days Again

Lion Day

It is still Thursday here as I write this, but it is Friday morning in Africa.  The Nkorho Lodge at Africam woke up to a pride of 7 lions on the front lawn (well, its not really a lawn, but it was in front of the lodge). There wasn’t enough light to get the camera… Continue reading Lion Day