Happy New Year

Wow – 2008 is almost over now – for some it already is as I type this, but for me, there are still several hours to go.  I still have to go to work, work my shift and even then there are a few hours, since we close early tonight. I seldom stay up long… Continue reading Happy New Year

Pretty Pictures

Yes, it is cold (well – not really bad, -21, windchill -31), but the sun was coming up around the turn in the Red River when I was walking the dogs this morning, so I took out my trusty phone camera and snapped this photo. Now, to watch the cameras at Africam, where not much… Continue reading Pretty Pictures

December 28th

This morning started out early since Sunday is the day I am first at the Y in order to open in the morning.  Sundays are normally quiet days, but today was a little busier than normal.  The second person to work at the desk doesn’t show up until I have been on my own for… Continue reading December 28th

Dec 27th

Wow – its hard to believe that another year is almost finished.  Gotta start thinking about writing 2009 very soon now when dating items. I have just put a new article up.  It is called Five Games to Play with your Bird.   If you have a bird – especially one of the parrot species, check… Continue reading Dec 27th

Christmas in Review

All the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas and suddenly its gone for another year.  It is boxing day here – so all the stores have sales now that will last for about a week. Angela and I had a very basic supper here – turkey, stuffing, potatoes with gravy, corn and peas.  Nothing… Continue reading Christmas in Review

Merry Christmas

Well, this is Christmas.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day! As usual on Christmas morning, I find myself parked in front of the computer, watching the cameras at Africam. Not too much happening there at this time, except for a herd of Impalas, peacefully grazing in front of the Nkorho Lodge. Oh, how I… Continue reading Merry Christmas

Its almost Christmas

Actually, in some places, it is Christmas now. It is bitterly cold here again -30C, luckily without much wind, but that is still too cold for my liking. I have a short day at work today – start a little later than normal and finish a bit earlier.   Some people are upset that we… Continue reading Its almost Christmas