January 5th

Another nasty cold day here -32C! It really is time to get a real break and warm up for more than just a few hours. I didn’t report in yesterday, so I’ll give a bit of recap on that day. Early morning – started work at 6:30. It was actually pretty quiet for most of… Continue reading January 5th

Handyman Mavis

Sometimes you just have to learn how to do things yourself!  Yesterday, when leaving the house, I was unable to lock the back door.  The key just turned in the lock and would not lock!  So, I had to go back inside, lock the door from the inside (luckily that worked) and then go out… Continue reading Handyman Mavis

Jan 2 and its COLD Again

Well, I guess I should be happy that we had a warm day yesterday, although -16C isn’t really warm.  This morning I woke up to -31C, which soon turned into -33C.  By the time I absolutely had to go out (which is when it turned dark at the Africam’s cams), it was -32C.  It is… Continue reading Jan 2 and its COLD Again

The First Day of a New Year

January 1st, 2009. The day started off with the best weather that we have had in several weeks.  It is -14C with a windchill of -23C.  Of course that is the warmest that it is expected to be all day with the temperature dropping as the sun rises and continuing to drop all day.  But… Continue reading The First Day of a New Year

Happy New Year

Wow – 2008 is almost over now – for some it already is as I type this, but for me, there are still several hours to go.  I still have to go to work, work my shift and even then there are a few hours, since we close early tonight. I seldom stay up long… Continue reading Happy New Year

Pretty Pictures

Yes, it is cold (well – not really bad, -21, windchill -31), but the sun was coming up around the turn in the Red River when I was walking the dogs this morning, so I took out my trusty phone camera and snapped this photo. Now, to watch the cameras at Africam, where not much… Continue reading Pretty Pictures

December 28th

This morning started out early since Sunday is the day I am first at the Y in order to open in the morning.  Sundays are normally quiet days, but today was a little busier than normal.  The second person to work at the desk doesn’t show up until I have been on my own for… Continue reading December 28th