Busy Days

Saturday started out with a workout at the Y, followed by breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant.  I am quite sure that I consumed more calories than I worked off, but it was so good.  Then I took the dogs for a walk, so hopefully I at least evened things out.  🙂 In the afternoon,… Continue reading Busy Days

Its Friday

🙂   Not that Friday is really Friday to me, since I work Sunday to Thursday. Our morning walk today was in the fog.  You could hardly see across the river.   When we got home, I got out my paintbrush to get the risers painted on the stairs.  I should still do something to finish… Continue reading Its Friday

Painting and Cleaning Day

After our walk along the river this morning, I shovelled the fresh snow off the sidewalk and steps.  Then I got out my paintbrushes and roller and got started painting my stairway.  If you take a look at my November 26th Thoughts post, you will see what the stairway looked like before and here are two more… Continue reading Painting and Cleaning Day

November 26th Thoughts

Today was a vacation day from work for me.  Now, I only have 1 day left of this year’s vacation days before I have to start on next year’s days.  Since I didn’t go anywhere this past summer, I just used my days to make long weekends.  The day started off with the dogs and… Continue reading November 26th Thoughts

FAQ Series

I have been working on a series of FAQ articles for the birds site at bellaonline and just put up the Finch FAQ this morning. The previous ones are Lovebird FAQ, Budgie FAQ, and Breeding Birds FAQ. I’ve got a few more FAQ articles to go over the next few weeks. Have a great day… Continue reading FAQ Series

Winter Has Arrived

OK – so it snowed a couple of weeks ago and that might have been the start of winter – but now there is ice on the river and its more like winter now.  Walking the dogs every day, I get to watch the river as it changes daily.  On Thursday, November 20th, the first… Continue reading Winter Has Arrived

On-line Surveys

I regularly take on-line surveys.  I admit it – I’m addicted to surveys  🙂 As a reward for taking these surveys, I get hundreds of entries into contests, but have yet to win a contest.  Occasionally I receive a monetary reward – sometimes $3. put into my paypal account – but one time I received… Continue reading On-line Surveys