It is still COLD

The dogs and I have not been for a walk in about a week, so today we decided to be brave and face the cold to go out.  The temperature is supposed to be dropping all day, so we went early.  It was -26C with a windchill of -34C .  It was a quick walk… Continue reading It is still COLD


It is way toooo cold – way toooo soon this year.  It is not unusual for us to get -40 degree weather in January, but not in mid December!  OK, its not -40 actual degrees – it is -30 with a windchill of -40.  I am not even bothering to put the C or F… Continue reading COLD – COLD – COLD

More on CATS and Building Walls

The Camera shy Cyrus approached me today while I was taking pictures of the newly started walls in the basement, so I now have his picture to add to my story.  He is always a pretty shy cat and easily goes into hiding, so it was nice to see him approach me.    So here is… Continue reading More on CATS and Building Walls

There are CATS in my House

  My daughter, Angela moved out a couple of years ago, but left her cats behind for awhile. She finally moved them out last year and my home has been cat free since then. I don’t mind cats – – – its just that they aren’t dogs. Last week, Angela and her cats moved back… Continue reading There are CATS in my House

Christmas Party Time (and more)

The last few days have been really busy! On Thursday, my daughter moved back into my home and into the basement.  We are going to put up walls to make a room down there for her and her cats.  Right now we have a board across the top of the stairs to keep the dogs… Continue reading Christmas Party Time (and more)

Busy Days

Saturday started out with a workout at the Y, followed by breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant.  I am quite sure that I consumed more calories than I worked off, but it was so good.  Then I took the dogs for a walk, so hopefully I at least evened things out.  🙂 In the afternoon,… Continue reading Busy Days

Its Friday

🙂   Not that Friday is really Friday to me, since I work Sunday to Thursday. Our morning walk today was in the fog.  You could hardly see across the river.   When we got home, I got out my paintbrush to get the risers painted on the stairs.  I should still do something to finish… Continue reading Its Friday