FAQ Series

I have been working on a series of FAQ articles for the birds site at bellaonline and just put up the Finch FAQ this morning. The previous ones are Lovebird FAQ, Budgie FAQ, and Breeding Birds FAQ. I’ve got a few more FAQ articles to go over the next few weeks. Have a great day… Continue reading FAQ Series

Winter Has Arrived

OK – so it snowed a couple of weeks ago and that might have been the start of winter – but now there is ice on the river and its more like winter now.  Walking the dogs every day, I get to watch the river as it changes daily.  On Thursday, November 20th, the first… Continue reading Winter Has Arrived

On-line Surveys

I regularly take on-line surveys.  I admit it – I’m addicted to surveys  🙂 As a reward for taking these surveys, I get hundreds of entries into contests, but have yet to win a contest.  Occasionally I receive a monetary reward – sometimes $3. put into my paypal account – but one time I received… Continue reading On-line Surveys

November 11th Thoughts

Today is Remembrance Day – the time to remember all who fought for our country to make Canada the wonderful place to live that it is. I spent a bit of time in my basement – taking off more drywall and insulation to get the mould out.  Even with a mask on, I don’t spend… Continue reading November 11th Thoughts

Mouldy Walls

I have mould in my basement walls! 😦 Thinking back to when I couldn’t breath and ended up in the hospital, I wonder if mould was the problem and not my birds. My doctor ordered all my birds out of the house before she would release me from the hospital. I kept one, and friends… Continue reading Mouldy Walls

New Jigsaw Puzzle

I just put a new jigsaw puzzle up at my birds site at bellaonline Macaw and Caique Jigsaw Puzzle. Everyone loves these jigsaw puzzles and this is an adorable picture of Scarlet, the scarlet macaw and Jupiter, the white-bellied caique, playing with a colourful toy. Nothing too much has been happening here lately. I am… Continue reading New Jigsaw Puzzle