Dakota’s Recovery

Dakota is doing fine this morning.  Her scar is not bothering her – although I put the e-collar on when I had to take a quick trip out this morning and couldn’t watch her.  She is still sleeping most of the time, but there isn’t anything unusual about that at her age.  Here are a… Continue reading Dakota’s Recovery

Beautiful Day Here

It was a beautiful day to be outside today, so I got some yardwork done.  Angela and Damien were coming over to get some of her stuff out of the basement and to the dump, and since there was room in the truck for more junk, I added some stuff to the pile.  Most of… Continue reading Beautiful Day Here

Pigeons (and more)

I just put up a new article at BellaOnline – it is called Pigeons Dakota is now on 2 more weeks of antibiotics for that neverending cyst.  Surgery to have it removed has been set for October 8th.  Poor Dakota will be glad to see that thing gone and so will I. I found out… Continue reading Pigeons (and more)

September 24th

Fall is officially here.  My chrysanthemums are blooming, the vine on the fence is turning red, the mushrooms are popping up and it is getting quite chilly at night now.  Jewel wanted to get in on the pictures too, so she is here – just because  🙂     This was pretty cute, but I don’t… Continue reading September 24th