Another Weekend Gone

I did accomplish all my chores this weekend, but its back to work tomorrow.  On Sundays I have an early start at work, since I open the place.  That means the workday ends early too. So, today I started out with a workout at the Y.  I didn’t get to the circuit training workout that… Continue reading Another Weekend Gone


My weekend starts on Friday, since I return to work on Sunday, so this morning I’m free to run around and do my own personal errands.  I’m just about to get some groceries and put some gas in my car.  Then I will return home and start some yard cleanup and get some of those… Continue reading weekend

Oct 15 – Various Stuff

Well, we have another Conservative minority government again.  But only about 1/2 the country voted – just think the difference all the non voters could have made to the result. Another picture of Dakota’s scar – just 3 more days until the stitches are removed.  🙂 Stitches Oct 15 Her hair is growing back already,… Continue reading Oct 15 – Various Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians

Well, I spent the last 2 days eating and I guess I might as well pig out (or is that turkey out) again today.  🙂 Dakota’s stitches started to get itchy after a few days, which is obviously normal as the wound was starting to heal.  I was lucky enough to be off work for… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving Canadians

Dakota’s Recovery

Dakota is doing fine this morning.  Her scar is not bothering her – although I put the e-collar on when I had to take a quick trip out this morning and couldn’t watch her.  She is still sleeping most of the time, but there isn’t anything unusual about that at her age.  Here are a… Continue reading Dakota’s Recovery