I have been associated with for some time now.  This is an organization that allows for small businesses to take out loans, using money from several different lenders.  Many lenders just lend small amounts (as I have been doing).  You choose the person, business or group of people that you wish to loan your… Continue reading Kiva

Walking Chester

Chester is a handful!  🙂  It’s my fault (of course) because I didn’t train him to walk properly on leash.  When he arrived in my home, he was the 3rd large dog and walking 3 large dogs just didn’t work.  So, I took them to an off-leash dog park and let them run.  This worked… Continue reading Walking Chester

Four Months to Christmas

Well, its August 25th and like the title says, its just 4 months to Christmas!  Time to get started doing some Christmas shopping. After a weekend with lots of rain – & real downpours, it has finally dried up and I got my lawn cut.  It always looks so good right after being cut – probably… Continue reading Four Months to Christmas


Another typical Saturday morning, except for a bump or two in the road.  My workout at the Y was delayed a bit this morning due to smoke in the building.  The fire department arrived and checked things out – found out that a motor had burnt out, so there was no danger of fire and… Continue reading Life