June 9 – 10: The Journey Home

My last African sunrise. The morning started off cloudy and the sun was fighting to show itself again, but made a nice early morning sky. This is my last few hours in the park and I am taking a very slow drive to Skukuza, where I will have a late breakfast or an early lunch… Continue reading June 9 – 10: The Journey Home

May 5 & 6 – Travel Days

May 5 Early start this morning. I thought that 2 hours in advance of flight would be expected, but on checking in online at Delta was advised that 3 hours were needed. So, dropped of car at Burger King for Connie to have and had taxi pick me up at 7:45 am to take me… Continue reading May 5 & 6 – Travel Days

South Africa Trip – Falling into Place

Next on the list is my trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa next year.  This trip has to be planned months in advance and then the wait begins.  I am happy to say that it is completely planned and it is paid for – except for the car rental (but it is reserved)… Continue reading South Africa Trip – Falling into Place

European Vacation – Amsterdam to Sassenheim

After breakfast, we went looking for a room for Karen and I for the next 2 nights.  We found a place in Sassenheim, which is about midway between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  It is a pretty tiny room, but it is a nice town, so we’ll be fine there. It will seem strange to just have… Continue reading European Vacation – Amsterdam to Sassenheim

European Vacation – Amsterdam Returned

After breakfast today, we decided to go for a drive in the Dutch countryside, since everything we had seen up to now has been from the freeways. We headed first to Marken, where people still dress in the traditional Dutch clothing and many even wear wooden shoes.  It was very quiet and peaceful there, but… Continue reading European Vacation – Amsterdam Returned

European Vacation – Tielt to Amsterdam

During breakfast at the little hotel, we saw that they had adorable little demi-tasse or miniature cup and saucers in the restaurant.  We had seen them at restaurants before and even bought one somewhere, but we all really liked the ones they had here more than what we had already bought. We asked our waitress… Continue reading European Vacation – Tielt to Amsterdam

European Vacation – Amsterdam – Day 3

We started off with another wonderful breakfast at our hotel, before heading off on a tour of the city.  We had seen bits and pieces on the other days, but wanted to see more. It turned out to be a 3 hour tour and it included some on a bus and some on a boat… Continue reading European Vacation – Amsterdam – Day 3