Bye Bye Lions

The Asian Lions are leaving the Assiniboine Park Zoo. I was at the zoo yesterday and at the time was not aware that they were leaving.  Both of them were hard to get pictures of this time so my last trip has only 1 sad picture of one of them. The brothers will be separated… Continue reading Bye Bye Lions

Lions and Tigers – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Even though I really dislike the enclosures that the Lions and Tigers are kept in at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, I always have to visit with these beautiful big cats each time I go there.  I didn’t get any Tiger pictures, but I did get some of one of the Asian Lions.  The other Lion… Continue reading Lions and Tigers – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Asian Lions – Assiniboine Park Zoo

As I mentioned before, we now have a pair of male Asian Lions at the zoo here.   The first time I went to see them, only 1 of the males was in the enclosure, but now both were there and awake.  🙂 These brothers were 2 years old when they arrived here earlier this year,… Continue reading Asian Lions – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Asian Lions

At least one of the Asian Lions is now on display at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  He is very nervous and was pacing while I was there, but they have blocked off most of the display to give him some privacy (which is hard in a round enclosure that is completely open to the public). … Continue reading Asian Lions

Lions and Bears

This is my last post and pictures of the African Lions who have been at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg here.  The pair and their 2 month old cub have been sent home to Ontario. I had been hoping to get pictures of the cub when I was there earlier this month, but the… Continue reading Lions and Bears