Update to Avis Problems

A little over a month ago, I posted the problems I was having with unauthorized payments that Avis Rent-a-Car charged to my credit card unknown to me.  Since then, it has been frustrating trying to find out what these charges were for and why I had not been notified before arriving to pick up my… Continue reading Update to Avis Problems

Time for an Update

There have been a few things happening since I returned home from my vacation in Kruger National Park, but other than my walks and sightings from my apartment windows – nothing much to report.  So, I thought I would sum up some things all in one post. Shortly before leaving on my vacation, I had… Continue reading Time for an Update

My Avis Rent-a-Car Run-around

As you probably know, I rented a car from Avis Rent-a-Car for my vacation in Kruger National Park in South Africa in May/June this year. I have rented from Avis before without any problems, but this time was nothing but problems. No one seems to know why I was charged extra and each time I… Continue reading My Avis Rent-a-Car Run-around

May 15 – Lower Sabie

It was a very wet morning for the morning drive, but I walked over to the pick up spot to go any way. I was there all alone at 4:45, but then a family of 3 arrived to keep me company. The driver and vehicle arrived a few minutes later. The first thing Darryl (our… Continue reading May 15 – Lower Sabie

Aug 13 – Berg en Dal to Crocodile Bridge

If you remember yesterday’s saga, you will know that I no longer had a spare tyre for my car and I had to wait until 9am to call the Avis guy to make arrangements. While waiting, I walked along the Rhino trail around the perimeter of the camp and I had great sightings.  🙂 I… Continue reading Aug 13 – Berg en Dal to Crocodile Bridge

August 12 Berg en Dal, Kruger National Park

I woke up to the sound of hyaenas calling this morning.  🙂 I quickly made a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee to have for breakfast and at 6:04, I was out the gate and into the wilds again. Although I had seen a sign indicating that a bridge on the road along… Continue reading August 12 Berg en Dal, Kruger National Park

Preparation and Planning

Planning and preparation for my trip to Africa is pretty much done. Planning started a year ago, when I contacted some amazingl friends who have experience traveling to Africa.  They gave me wonderful advice on the different camps in Kruger to consider.  They told me when I had too much distance to comfortably travel in… Continue reading Preparation and Planning