Day 13 – Banff to Calgary

After breakfast this morning, I headed back to take those 2 drives, expecting to find the critters that were usually around there.  The Big Horn Sheep have always been around the first drive, but again this morning, they were completely absent.  Luckily it is still a beautiful drive.  When I was almost finished that circle… Continue reading Day 13 – Banff to Calgary

Day 12 – Jasper to Banff

Another beautiful morning and there was no frost on my car windows.  🙂  I took a picture of the mountains from my room in the dark before heading over for breakfast.  Mountains are beautiful even in the dark. For breakfast this morning I had banana bread french toast and it was delicious.  I didn’t stop… Continue reading Day 12 – Jasper to Banff

The Blood Test

The dreaded blood test is set for tomorrow morning.  I have to fast from now until after the test in 12 hours.  Luckily I will be sleeping for several of those hours, but the last 2 before the test will be a challenge. I’ll give a report on the whole episode tomorrow – I am… Continue reading The Blood Test

Online Friends I Have Met

I woke up to a temperature of -11C with a windchill of -21C and a predicted high of -4C.   Of course, it will then drop to -21C by night.  I believe the -21C more than I believe the -4C. I have been online now for many years and have made a lot of friends.  I… Continue reading Online Friends I Have Met

Vacation 2010

On June 20th my friend Connie and I left for our vacation to Calgary, Banff, Jasper and Edmonton. We drove the trans canada highway and were hoping the the flooding from the day before had receded and the highway would be open at the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as our 14 hour drive… Continue reading Vacation 2010