Actually – not much is happening around here.  My car is in for service for a couple of recalls and some regular maintenance.  Hopefully it will be ready soon and I can get out and run some errands. I still don’t seem to have this retirement going the way I expected it to be.  I… Continue reading Happenings

Canada Geese and The Red River

Today, we have a couple of pictures of Canada Geese along the Red River.  We also have the big tree across the Red River to show that the river has already dropped in levels and will now continue to drop throughout the summer. The big tree across the river is so useful to use while… Continue reading Canada Geese and The Red River

More on the Red River

I enjoy watching the Red River change daily and I hope you are enjoying it (without feeling the cold) also.  🙂  This morning there was a pair of Mallard Ducks to take pictures of along with the shifting ice.  Chester was enjoying watching the ducks. We also have the sidewalk in my back yard that… Continue reading More on the Red River

Day Lilies and The Big Tree

This morning Chester and I had a very wet walk in the rain, so the camera stayed at home.  Of course, the bachelor/bachelorette flock of geese were on the river asking me to take their picture, but I just waved and said hi to them instead.  🙂 Yesterday in the sunshine though, I took a… Continue reading Day Lilies and The Big Tree

The Red River

I haven’t been out to check the floodway but I imagine it is likely closed off now and the Red River is slowly settling into its summer depth.  It is still a bit high, but it does fluctuate throughout the year anyway. I just took one picture today, showing our big tree being high and… Continue reading The Red River

Back to Normal

It was a chilly, but pleasant walk along the Red River this morning under a sunny sky.  I decided to walk a little later than usual, so we could see some daylight.  So – Chester ate first and then we walked about an hour later. We used to always walk after eating, but Chester was… Continue reading Back to Normal