A Break in the Cold Snap

I didn’t believe the forecast when it had the temperature going from around -30C (not including the wind chill) to -7C in a day – but that is exactly what happened.  This morning it was -8C when I got up and right now at 3:00 pm, it is -2C!  Amazingly enough, these temperatures are supposed… Continue reading A Break in the Cold Snap

Beautiful Morning

It was a beautiful morning yesterday and I had absolutely nothing written in my calendar.  So, I headed over to Fort Whyte Alive to go for a walk. I walked for about 2 hours, putting about 8,000 steps on my FitBit along with 6 flights of stairs (some stairs and some hills).  I took some… Continue reading Beautiful Morning

Owls and Geese

I mentioned yesterday that I volunteered with the Adult Day Program from the Y and went to Fort Whyte Center.  It turned out to be a beautiful, but windy day and was quite enjoyable.  The seniors and staff all had a good time. I knew there was a buggy ride along a path that had… Continue reading Owls and Geese