Assiniboine Park Zoo – July

Yesterday I went to the Assiniboine Park Zoo, to put on some miles on my FitBit and to check up on the critters.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures and most of the ones I did take were different than my usual ones – except that I got one of a Polar Bear playing… Continue reading Assiniboine Park Zoo – July

Electric Blue Butterfly

The Butterfly Garden at the Assiniboine Park Zoo now has a wonderful selection of butterflies.  The one I really loved was the Electric Blue Butterfly and it is absolutely gorgeous.  This shade of blue just happens to be my favourite colour.  🙂 Last year they just had Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies and as promised,… Continue reading Electric Blue Butterfly

Bathing Ducks

I did not even check the temperature this morning when Chester and I went on our walk.  I didn’t even check it when we got home and now around noon it is 27C with a predicted high of 33C and possible thunderstorms to follow.  It was very pleasant for our morning walk, so I am… Continue reading Bathing Ducks