Orange Striped Butterfly

Sometimes it is hard trying to find the names of birds that I photograph, but finding names of butterflies seems even harder.  I’ll probably have to go back to the Assiniboine Park Zoo to find out all the names of the different butterflies they have in the butterfly garden before I find out.  By searching… Continue reading Orange Striped Butterfly

Bathing Ducks

I did not even check the temperature this morning when Chester and I went on our walk.  I didn’t even check it when we got home and now around noon it is 27C with a predicted high of 33C and possible thunderstorms to follow.  It was very pleasant for our morning walk, so I am… Continue reading Bathing Ducks

Monkeys & More

Temperature still a little cold for dog walking – right at -35C with the windchill, but tomorrow is looking much better and so are the next few days.  At least, we know this cold stuff is temporary at this time of year. Vervet Monkeys dropped by the Nkorho waterhole on Africam. They are such cute… Continue reading Monkeys & More

more of Feb 18th

This morning before I left for work, I had to show you the pictures I had just taken of Karula and one (or possibly both) of her cubs that the Wild Earth drive had shown us. Since I hadn’t posted yesterday, I had other pictures to show you as well, but wanted to post those… Continue reading more of Feb 18th