May 15 – Lower Sabie

It was a very wet morning for the morning drive, but I walked over to the pick up spot to go any way. I was there all alone at 4:45, but then a family of 3 arrived to keep me company. The driver and vehicle arrived a few minutes later. The first thing Darryl (our… Continue reading May 15 – Lower Sabie

This and That

I’ve got a few little things happening, but nothing much – so I’ll just combine everything into one. I had my annual doctor appointment this morning, so had to fast from 8:00 last night until my appointment at 8:00 this morning.  Only, I didn’t get to see the doctor until after 8:30 and then I… Continue reading This and That

Chester and other Stuff

Chester was fine for the rest of yesterday and overnight and throughout the morning today.  I have to admit that every time he moves, I’m watching him though.  That will settle down once he’s gone a few days without any more seizures, but we really have to get past the next few days.   Each episode… Continue reading Chester and other Stuff

Long Weekend

I am getting an early start on the long weekend by taking a 5 day weekend, starting today  🙂 It was 17C when Chester and I went for our walk along the Red River this morning, the sun was shining and the humidity had dropped to 83%.  It is supposed to get up to 27C… Continue reading Long Weekend

The Day After

I survived zip-lining yesterday  🙂  more to come on that later. It was 12C when Chester and I walked along the Red River this morning.  I expected to be stiff after all the walking yesterday, but I was fine.  🙂  We found ducks and beavers and balloons. There were 2 beavers and they were definitely… Continue reading The Day After

I Found Ducks

It was 19C with the humidity at 83% and a bright sunny sky as Chester and I took our walk along the Red River this morning.  No sign of our beaver, but I did find a couple of Wood Duck families.  I’m guessing that the mother duck was mother to both the clutches – her… Continue reading I Found Ducks

Return of the Beaver

It was partly cloudy and 17C when Chester and I took our walk along the Red River this morning.  They say it will get up to 28C this afternoon and 33C tomorrow.  I may have to turn on the air conditioner.  🙂 At first it seemed like Chester and I were the only critters around… Continue reading Return of the Beaver