The Changing of the Phones – part 2

As often seems to happen, something that I thought was settled, actually wasn’t.  Such is the case with my new IPhone 5 from a couple of weeks ago. I had not been planning on getting a new phone when I went to talk to my cell phone company that day, so had not been prepared… Continue reading The Changing of the Phones – part 2

The Changing of the Phones

I haven’t had the best of luck with my last 2 phone due to battery problems.  The first one was Samsung Ace 2.  I had that one for just over 2 years without any problem and then the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for more than a few hours.  I also noticed that the phone… Continue reading The Changing of the Phones

Memory 101

Basic memory I believe would be the 101 – and that is something that I have always been lacking.  Way back in school (and that was a long time ago now), I had problems memorizing things.  Once I knew it – I knew it, but it always took me a long time before I could… Continue reading Memory 101

Phone Story

About a year and a half ago, I got my smart phone.  It was a Samsung Ace II – a nice little phone that could do much more than what I had any idea about.  I haven’t used it much – a few phone calls in a month and about the same number of texts,… Continue reading Phone Story

Smart Phone

I have had a cell phone for several years now, starting when my daughter got her beginner driver license in preparation for when she would be driving on her own.  The phone went with whoever had the car.  Before long, she had her own phone and between us there  have been several cell phones in… Continue reading Smart Phone