The Lane

Winnipeg is a fair sized city – there are certainly some that are much larger and some that are much smaller.  Most of the lanes in Winnipeg are paved – but in my area, most of them are not paved.  Here, they are gravel, and the city is supposed to grade them to keep the… Continue reading The Lane

Receiving faxes

So – what do you do if you do not have a fax  and someone keeps trying to send one to you? I have a company in Saskatchewan that has been trying to send me a fax for about a year now.  You probably know that if a fax does not go through, it will… Continue reading Receiving faxes

How Many Days Was That?

I am counting back to last Saturday and it seems to be more than 2 days since the city was supposed to contact me to let me know why they were digging in my yard.  Have I mentioned how frustrating it is trying to contact a city department here? Someone’s decision years ago to centralize… Continue reading How Many Days Was That?

Speed Test

When you sign up for internet access, you have options in your packages to choose a speed.  Most people probably choose the highest speed they can afford, but have no idea what those number mean. I don’t really know what the numbers mean either, but as long as pages open fairly quickly, I’m happy. My… Continue reading Speed Test