Winter is HERE (and a Short Walk)

I checked the temperature, which was about -10C, and the sun was shining, so I decided to take a walk at Fort Whyte Alive this morning. I didn’t notice the wind until I had arrived at my destination and that wind hit hard. I was already there though, so I entered and started my walk.… Continue reading Winter is HERE (and a Short Walk)

Catching Up

Christmas and New Year’s Day have come and gone and here we are in 2018.  I wonder how long it will take before I stop writing 2017.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and has started 2018 safe and happy. I am currently house and dog sitting my buddy Toby, who belongs to… Continue reading Catching Up


Obviously, it is officially spring – but the weather really doesn’t know how to cooperate sometimes.  It seemed to be a very early spring when the snow melted in March – but since it melted, it has snowed a few more times and the cold has remained since the last snow. I had one tiny… Continue reading Spring?

Are They Real?

Our weather this year has real ups and downs.  The temperature has gone up to +5C (which is above normal for this time of year) to -28C (which is below normal for this time of year).  The amazing thing is that these extremes happened within a few hours. Some Canada Geese must have received word… Continue reading Are They Real?

Walking in the Daylight

Our days are too short and the nights too long here in the winter.  Most of my walks with Chester are in the dark, when I am unable to take pictures. Today we delayed the walk and went along the Red River in the daylight.  Everything is completely frozen solid on the river now and… Continue reading Walking in the Daylight

Back to the River

After Chester’s injury to his leg, we stopped going on our walks for awhile following orders from the veterinarian.  Then we started on some short walks – just around the block.  Finally last week we doubled that to a 2 block walk and the 2nd block got us to the Red River again.  Of course… Continue reading Back to the River

Fort Whyte – Buffalo, Geese, Duck

Continuing with more of the critters from yesterday’s trip to Fort Whyte Alive, I’ve got pictures of Buffalo, Canada Geese and a Mallard Duck to show you. While I was standing and talking to the people who had the deer following them yesterday, we saw a large flock of Canada Geese flying over us.  I… Continue reading Fort Whyte – Buffalo, Geese, Duck

What’s the Rush?

Eventually, I usually get around to getting things done.  🙂 A few weeks ago I was thinking about getting the plastic up on 2 of my windows upstairs that have quite a draft.  The cold weather would be coming soon and they would need to be covered. Then a couple of weeks ago, I dragged… Continue reading What’s the Rush?

Walking on Ice

On Sunday evening, we had freezing rain here.  Everything was coated in ice and although the main streets were fine for driving due to all the traffic, the residential streets, sidewalks and steps were very slippery.  The city has coated the streets and intersections with lots of sand, so it is just the sidewalks and… Continue reading Walking on Ice


Yesterday, I thought the snow had missed us since only a tiny bit landed during the day and other places were getting inches of the stuff.  I obviously spoke too soon though because more started falling during the evening and over night.  It still isn’t enough to bother shoveling, but it is covering the ground.… Continue reading Snow