Word Cloud – Pets

I found a free site that makes word clouds out of the words you choose.  You can pick the colours and sizes  of the words and the shape of the cloud.  There are some limitations on the free clouds and you can choose to pay to remove the limitations – I like this free one… Continue reading Word Cloud – Pets

European Vacation – Aphrodite – 2nd Day 1

Our room mate did not come back to the room at all last night, but she had left some of her things in there.  After breakfast we went to the purser’s office to find out what was going on.  He said he would look after it and within an hour the rest of her stuff… Continue reading European Vacation – Aphrodite – 2nd Day 1


I am trying to decide if Chester had another seizure yesterday.  A couple of things point to yes, but one major thing is missing and those couple of things can be explained away. When I got home from work, my daughter told me that Chester had been down the basement and got into the garbage. … Continue reading Chester


There are cats in my house again and rabbits too.  These critters belong to my daughter. Since nothing much is happening along the Red River – other than the ice and snow, I think I’ll take a couple of days to show the cats and rabbits here. Cyrus is first up, since he is the… Continue reading Cyrus

Some Stuff

Although we walked at the same time yesterday as we did on Tuesday, it was  much too dark to even think about taking pictures – so I have no pictures from along the Red River this morning.  Instead, I have some things to tell you. Someone in Brazil was in my email account yesterday!  I… Continue reading Some Stuff

Nkorho Sightings

As I expected, it didn’t get as warm as the forecast indicated yesterday  and the wind was so nasty that it was quite unpleasant in the morning and early afternoon.  It did warm up though and this morning we are starting off with -12C and a windchill of only -22C.  Much better.  I was getting… Continue reading Nkorho Sightings

Post a Day 2011

I guess I’m already a day behind – but I’m going to see if I can make a post every day in 2011 (except for the first, which has past).  Of course, I have 2 today – so wonder if that counts  🙂  Probably not, since that was written by WordPress and not me –… Continue reading Post a Day 2011

Leopard Visits Elephant Plains

I can’t believe I slept through the whole thing – but a Leopard (Salaxeye) and her two cubs came for a daytime drink at Elephant Plains Waterhole, this morning. Luckily Gerda was recording at the time and you can see it at Salaxeye.  And to think that I wasted the time away by sleeping!  Thank… Continue reading Leopard Visits Elephant Plains

Dogs and Cats

Another chilly morning today with -28C and a windchill of -39C, but they say it will be a bit warmer tomorrow.  Do I belive them?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Nothing much happening on Africam today.  The most exciting things was I was watching was that one of the regulars on the forum… Continue reading Dogs and Cats