Community Meeting on Back Lane Problem

Thursday night was our community meeting with the city on our back lane problems. Approximately 200 residents attended to listen to Paul Christensen who is the resident who got the ball rolling by starting a petition and encouraging everyone to sign and participate in solving the problems.  Our city Councillor, Dan Vandal attended as did… Continue reading Community Meeting on Back Lane Problem

It’s Snowing

OK – its the end of November and it snows here at this time of year.  I don’t have to like it – its just the way it is. Right now it is coming down fairly heavily.  At least the snow has covered the mess the city made last Saturday.  I still haven’t heard from the… Continue reading It’s Snowing

OK – I Admit it – Winter is Here.

The temperature is dropping, more snow is falling and the wind is blowing and the Red River has more ice formed on it.  The sidewalks are slippery after some freezing rain yesterday and the fresh snow just seems to hide some of it and polish some of it so its extra slippery. This might be… Continue reading OK – I Admit it – Winter is Here.

How Many Days Was That?

I am counting back to last Saturday and it seems to be more than 2 days since the city was supposed to contact me to let me know why they were digging in my yard.  Have I mentioned how frustrating it is trying to contact a city department here? Someone’s decision years ago to centralize… Continue reading How Many Days Was That?