Life Goes On

Well, I am officially no longer a homeowner.  🙂 But, it will still be 2-4 weeks before I have been paid for the house that I no longer own. In the meantime, the water & hydro bills have to be processed, so the lawyer can pay the water bill and the loan on the hydro… Continue reading Life Goes On

Another Combo

I’m gong to have to go back to working full-time.  This retirement thing is getting to be too much work! It has been ages since I’ve had a chance to work on my de-cluttering, but I got some more done in the kitchen this morning.  🙂  Actually, the kitchen is finished now.  Every cupboard and… Continue reading Another Combo

Day Lilies and Road Work

A few of my Day Lilies did decide to bloom this year.  There are probably 50 plants or so and about 4 or 5 had blooms.  Maybe, instead of removing them all, I should remove about 90% of them.  They take up a large area for a few flowers.  For now they are still safe… Continue reading Day Lilies and Road Work

Day Lilies and The Big Tree

This morning Chester and I had a very wet walk in the rain, so the camera stayed at home.  Of course, the bachelor/bachelorette flock of geese were on the river asking me to take their picture, but I just waved and said hi to them instead.  🙂 Yesterday in the sunshine though, I took a… Continue reading Day Lilies and The Big Tree

Believe it or Not.

Believe it or not, but my living room finally has all the pieces of furniture in their new spots!  There are a couple of things not finished yet – like finding new homes or spots for all the stuff that managed to accumulate in the room – but a couple of hours sitting down and… Continue reading Believe it or Not.