May 31 – Talamati to Orpen

I heard the Lion roars early this morning again, so was up and heading out shortly after 6:00 am. I did not find the lions. There was a little bit of fog in places, but thin little lines of it while everything else was clean. The picture almost looks like water. Today I only saw… Continue reading May 31 – Talamati to Orpen

Little Bird Day

Chester and I had an early walk this morning and it was already 13C with very little wind and a beautiful sunny sky.  🙂  We went for our walk along the Red River before either of us had breakfast and before I turned a computer on. Lots of little birds were singing to us and… Continue reading Little Bird Day

January 16th

Here I was thinking that this would be the winter when it didn’t really get cold – but it was cold today.  Not below -30C, but getting very close to it.  The temperature climbed all day and the snow started coming down again so at 7pm it is -15 C with a wind that makes… Continue reading January 16th