May 23 – Letaba

I took the morning drive this morning and as usual lately, there were only 4 of us on it. Too bad they don’t have smaller vehicles available for this drive when there are so few taking it. We saw Impalas (of course) and Wildebeests before it was light enough to take pictures, so our first… Continue reading May 23 – Letaba

May 8 – Pretoriuskop

The moon was beautiful last night with some clouds floating by it. I got an extra early start this morning after waking up at 4:30 am, but I had a great sleep, interrupted only by the sounds of Hyaenas and lions about a 1/2 hour earlier. I could hear cars going by shortly after 5:00… Continue reading May 8 – Pretoriuskop

Tracking the Beaver (and Geese)

It was 15 C and partly cloudy when Chester and I went walking along the Red River this morning.  We are not expecting any rain for today or tomorrow, so I’m hoping they are right – but hope they are wrong about the rain on Saturday and Sunday.  It would be wonderful to have the… Continue reading Tracking the Beaver (and Geese)