May 9 – Pretoriuskop

Our morning drive got out a bit late this morning due to the fact that several of the people going were not prepared – either did not complete the forms or did not have their forms and then many were unable to stop talking long enough for our Ranger, Pet to explain the rules. We… Continue reading May 9 – Pretoriuskop

Birds, Birds, Birds

Everywhere I looked on our walk along the Red River and even away from the river, I saw birds.  A lot of ducks, but other birds too.  It was 12C when Chester and I set out on our walk.  We took a little detour along the way – to check out a bird (of course).… Continue reading Birds, Birds, Birds

Tracking the Beaver (and Geese)

It was 15 C and partly cloudy when Chester and I went walking along the Red River this morning.  We are not expecting any rain for today or tomorrow, so I’m hoping they are right – but hope they are wrong about the rain on Saturday and Sunday.  It would be wonderful to have the… Continue reading Tracking the Beaver (and Geese)

Dog Committee

I didn’t even know we had a Dog Committee – gee, I learn something every day!  It was 5C when Chester and I had our walk this morning and the sun was shining.  🙂 As we were walking down a street a few blocks from home, a young boy (about 10 years of age) came… Continue reading Dog Committee

Happy Birthday Chester

Chester is 8 years old today!  Or he was 8 sometime around now anyway.  When you don’t know the exact date, you do the best you can at estimating, with the information you get.  We had actually decided that May 1st would be his day, but snow and work got in the way – so… Continue reading Happy Birthday Chester

January 19th

At first glance the temperature today didn’t seem bad at -23C, but when looking at the windchill, it feels like -34 which is pretty much the same as yesterday’s temperatures.  At times yesterday though the wind was blowing and that made it feel much colder.  Luckily for me, the wind was calm whenever I was… Continue reading January 19th

January 11th

It has been another decent day for January here.  The temperature didn’t get any lower than -18C, which is wonderful at this time of year.  We even had the sun shining for much of the morning and afternoon.  🙂 One day (or one winter, I mean) I will spend the winter in a warmer climate. … Continue reading January 11th

February 7th

The temperature today hovered between -8C to -10C, so it was quite pleasant. After our workout at the Y, Connie and I went for breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant and pigged out as usual. Then it was time to go home and walk the dogs.  After that I went over to my Mom’s to… Continue reading February 7th