Little Bit of This – Little Bit of That

There is seldom much going on around here in the dead of winter and January is about as dead as it can get.  🙂 We’ve had snow (not too much so far this year) and we’ve had cold & windy days.  Today has been a lovely break in the cold with a current temperature of… Continue reading Little Bit of This – Little Bit of That

I Went for a Walk

Chester and I go for 2 walks every day, but the last few days, I have been trying to beat my steps from the days before.  To do that today, I had to go on a longer walk. This started innocently enough on Saturday.  I had a shift to work at a location fairly close… Continue reading I Went for a Walk

Could Summer Really be Here?

What a nice day!  Chester and I didn’t walk along the Red River until after my exercise class at the Y followed by breakfast and I didn’t check the temperature at that time.  I think it was about 9C when I left for class though.  Now around noon, it is 22C under a sunny sky… Continue reading Could Summer Really be Here?

Red River May 14th

Apparently we have the sun shining today.  🙂   I wasn’t sure what the bright shiny object in the sky was, so I asked on Facebook and some of the people recognized it as being the sun.  We don’t usually go this long without the sun, so I really wasn’t sure after all this time.  And… Continue reading Red River May 14th

Birds and Water

Today’s walk with Chester was after my exercise class at the Y followed by a big breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant – a Saturday tradition.  🙂   I didn’t check the temperature when we left, but it was 9C when we got back and I have no idea how long it took for this walk. … Continue reading Birds and Water

Strong Kids

The YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg has started the Strong Kids Campaign for the year.  It started off yesterday with a cycle day.  Right from 6am until closing, we had at least 2 people riding stationary bikes in our front lobby after giving a donation or collecting sponsors (or both). Click here to see the video from… Continue reading Strong Kids

Just a Little Rant

Do you remember the good old days when the mail was always delivered (you know – through rain or snow, etc).  Well, as you may know, we get a lot of snow here in the winter.  I know they won’t deliver if my sidewalk isn’t clear, so I keep that clean, even though I do… Continue reading Just a Little Rant

Too Much Snow

When the snow stopped coming down last night, the temperature began to drop.  By morning it was -20C.   I went out early to shovel around the car before leaving for my exercise class.  Luckily for me my wonderful neighbour Andy had cleared behind the cars with his snowblower.  I knew I would have to leave… Continue reading Too Much Snow

January 3rd

New Years Resolutions!!!  Don’t you just love them? The answer for me is NO!  I work in a fitness facility and what better new years resolution could there be other than to get fit?  I know that most of the people who came in today or phoned today will not get fit.  Many of them… Continue reading January 3rd

December 4th

Winter is officially here weeks before it is officially here.  We now have more snow than we had all last year, but I know there will be more – lots more, before we get spring.  The temperature is not bad today -10C as I write this around noon, but that usually means more snow and… Continue reading December 4th