78 Days to Go!

Not that I’m counting or anything – but there are 78 days left before my trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa begins.  🙂 Most of the preparations were made well in advance, but there are a few things that I have to start thinking about now.  On Tuesday, I had my appointment with… Continue reading 78 Days to Go!

Winnipeg to Toronto and On

After months and months of waiting (which really flew by), today was suddenly the day I was leaving for South Africa. The day started of surprisingly chilly (10C) but sunny and very refreshing when  Chester and I took our last walk before I left.  As usual there were no birds or critters to be seen,… Continue reading Winnipeg to Toronto and On

European Vacation

I’ve been reading bits and pieces of my suddenly found travel diary from 1975 when I went to Europe with a couple of friends, Karen and Alvena.  For a little while, I will give some of the details of this trip.  I know I wrote an abbreviated version of this trip earlier, but now I… Continue reading European Vacation

South Africa

Don’t worry – you’re hardly going to hear much from me about my upcoming trip to South Africa.  I’m sure that in the next few months leading up to the trip, I will hardly mention it – other than maybe a few hundred times.  🙂 Anyway, the least favourite part of the trip with be… Continue reading South Africa