It is Still Winter at Fort Whyte Alive

Last month Mother Nature tried to fool us into thinking we would have an early spring, but she soon brought back the winter weather.  So – winter activities have resumed as the ice has frozen on the lakes & rivers again.  The  Canada Geese stayed with us and are waiting for the weather to warm… Continue reading It is Still Winter at Fort Whyte Alive

Spring in February?

I certainly wouldn’t have believed it and I still don’t, but the Canada Geese have returned already predicting a very early spring.   I still expect some major cold weather and snow storms and hope the geese will be ok. But – the critters seem to know the weather and their forecasts are often more accurate… Continue reading Spring in February?

A Break in the Cold Snap

I didn’t believe the forecast when it had the temperature going from around -30C (not including the wind chill) to -7C in a day – but that is exactly what happened.  This morning it was -8C when I got up and right now at 3:00 pm, it is -2C!  Amazingly enough, these temperatures are supposed… Continue reading A Break in the Cold Snap

Fort Whyte Alive – February 5

It was a beautiful day at Fort Whyte Alive on Friday.  The temperature was reasonable, the sun was shining (off & on) and for much of my walk, I did not see or hear anyone else around. I found deer!  🙂 At this point we heard a group (a very noisy group) of school kids… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive – February 5

Fort Whyte – Buffalo, Geese, Duck

Continuing with more of the critters from yesterday’s trip to Fort Whyte Alive, I’ve got pictures of Buffalo, Canada Geese and a Mallard Duck to show you. While I was standing and talking to the people who had the deer following them yesterday, we saw a large flock of Canada Geese flying over us.  I… Continue reading Fort Whyte – Buffalo, Geese, Duck

Fort Whyte Visit (continued)

Yesterday, we started to walk around  at Fort Whyte – well, actually on Monday, but I started writing about it on Wednesday.  🙂 Today, we will continue – first with more ducks.  Wood Ducks on one of the floating boardwalks and then a duckling on its own – think it is a Mallard. Then a… Continue reading Fort Whyte Visit (continued)