A New Freddy

A few days ago I discovered that my beautiful little Siamese Fight Fish (Betta) had died.  I was so used to having him watch my every move as I came and went so he could beg for food and now there were only 3 little Tetras left in the tank.  He didn’t get food every… Continue reading A New Freddy

Minneapolis – Day 3

My last day in Minneapolis got off to a good start with a bit of blue showing in the sky and the promise of some sun peaking through the clouds.  🙂   Blue Sky Hazel suggested that we take advantage of the weather and go for a walk at a place not far from my… Continue reading Minneapolis – Day 3

Moving the Fish

Freddy has been in the new aquarium since last weekend, so yesterday was the day to move the other fish in. I only caught 5 little guys when I did the major water change a few weeks ago, but there were 6 in there that I found today.  It took a few minutes to catch… Continue reading Moving the Fish

Fish Day

Keeping pets of any kind mean that there are always some pet related chores to do.  Dogs, cats and birds all require more care that fish do – but there are some days that have to have some time devoted to the fish also.  Of course, the bird, cat and dog all got their normal… Continue reading Fish Day

Weather and Stuff

During the last week or so (maybe a bit longer), we have had several thunderstorms and lots of heat and humidity.  Yesterday though, we also had funnel clouds pass through the south part city and south of the city.  I haven’t heard anything about it touching ground in Winnipeg, but the pictures are showing familiar… Continue reading Weather and Stuff

Chester and Freddy

Don’t worry – Chester didn’t eat Freddy, the Betta fish or anything like that.  Actually, he hasn’t even seemed to notice him.  It is just that I took pictures of both of them.  I am sure there is a technique to getting good pictures of fish, but I haven’t developed it yet, so the Freddy… Continue reading Chester and Freddy


A few weeks ago I found a good sized rose bowl.  I’ve had it for years, but suddenly decided that I should get a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) to put into the bowl.  Yesterday while getting Chester some dog food, I got one.  He is very pretty (as they all are), so I brought… Continue reading Freddy