European Vacation – Aphrodite to Rieta

We woke up this morning on a very rocky boat.  We managed to eat breakfast, but almost wished we hadn’t as the rocking continued. We found out that Manuel was moved to the fancy dining room which we are not allowed in.  Greg continued to make signals to us and Pablo brought us drinks just… Continue reading European Vacation – Aphrodite to Rieta

European Vacation – Athens to Aphrodite

After breakfast we checked out of our hotel and had some time to kill before we could board the Aphrodite.  We were sure glad we left most of our stuff back in the car, so only had our duffel bags to carry. We wandered around a park close to Constitution Square and sat down on… Continue reading European Vacation – Athens to Aphrodite

European Vacation – Athens – Day 2

When we got up this morning after a better sleep, we went back to the American Restaurant for breakfast. We had some time to kill before our next tour that will take us outside the city, so we went shopping.  We decided to stay away from the tourist shops and look in the local ones,… Continue reading European Vacation – Athens – Day 2

European Vacation – Athens

It was so hot last night that we didn’t sleep well, but got up early to take a city tour.  All we had to eat for breakfast was an apple each that we had brought with us from the Aphrodite. The tour was very interesting and it ended with an hour to wander around the… Continue reading European Vacation – Athens

European Vacation – Aphrodite to Athens

Today, we were surprised that Greg and Minos avoided us.  I don’t know if they got in trouble about the midnight engine room tour or not.  There were others in the engine room then that might have reported them.  We never did get a chance to talk to either of them.  The radio officer (Pablo)… Continue reading European Vacation – Aphrodite to Athens

Aphrodite – Day 2

We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am, and breakfast time came very early.  I don’t remember if they gave a wake up call or how we knew we had to get up if we wanted to eat.  We had to pay for breakfast – but it was ‘all you could eat’ for just $1.00… Continue reading Aphrodite – Day 2

European Vacation – Venice to Aphrodite

We woke up wet this morning in the middle of a thunderstorm.  We had to pack up a wet tent again.  Once we were on the road, it didn’t take long to clear up and get hot again and we are on our way to Greece. The contract on the car rental did not allow… Continue reading European Vacation – Venice to Aphrodite