May 30 – Talamati

I was off to a leisurely start this morning – so it was light enough for a picture of the first critter and that was a Waterbuck. Next was a family of Southern Ground Hornbills holding a road block. Unfortunately, I was the 2nd car in the lineup, so my pictures were taken through the… Continue reading May 30 – Talamati

Little Bird Day

Chester and I had an early walk this morning and it was already 13C with very little wind and a beautiful sunny sky.  🙂  We went for our walk along the Red River before either of us had breakfast and before I turned a computer on. Lots of little birds were singing to us and… Continue reading Little Bird Day

Dog Committee

I didn’t even know we had a Dog Committee – gee, I learn something every day!  It was 5C when Chester and I had our walk this morning and the sun was shining.  🙂 As we were walking down a street a few blocks from home, a young boy (about 10 years of age) came… Continue reading Dog Committee