May 20 – Olifants

I was up and ready to go in plenty of time for the drive this morning. While waiting I took a picture of the moon.   Three of us were registered and then one more from last night’s drive asked if she could come along too. Luckily, the driver was the same this morning as… Continue reading May 20 – Olifants


What you see today, is what I saw When Chester and I walked today and that was variety!   It was 10C when we walked!  Wow – what a relief and it didn’t feel any cooler than yesterday’s 16C.  I know my friends in Africa would have coats on along with hot water bottles and blankets… Continue reading Variety

River Walk June 21

It was 17C under a party sunny sky with a bit of a wind today when Chester and I took our walk.   It seems to have been a birding day – but only 2 different types of birds – and quite a few of one of them.  🙂 First we have one of the little… Continue reading River Walk June 21

Beaver Day

Its raining and 14C, but Chester and I took our regular walk along the Red River this morning.  We were rewarded by finally finding the beaver!  Of course, he was in the water and swimming away from me, but I saw him coming towards the shore once he got into the trees and managed to… Continue reading Beaver Day

Happy Birthday Chester

Chester is 8 years old today!  Or he was 8 sometime around now anyway.  When you don’t know the exact date, you do the best you can at estimating, with the information you get.  We had actually decided that May 1st would be his day, but snow and work got in the way – so… Continue reading Happy Birthday Chester

Mystery Critter at Tembe

Yesterday, shortly before I left for work, we witnessed an animal die on Tembe on the Africam camera.  This happened very close to the waterhole, but in a very difficult spot to see what was actually happening.  We could see the animals legs flailing and his mouth opening and then he suddenly stopped moving.  As… Continue reading Mystery Critter at Tembe

Nkorho Sightings

As I expected, it didn’t get as warm as the forecast indicated yesterday  and the wind was so nasty that it was quite unpleasant in the morning and early afternoon.  It did warm up though and this morning we are starting off with -12C and a windchill of only -22C.  Much better.  I was getting… Continue reading Nkorho Sightings