River Walk June 21

It was 17C under a party sunny sky with a bit of a wind today when Chester and I took our walk.   It seems to have been a birding day – but only 2 different types of birds – and quite a few of one of them.  🙂 First we have one of the little… Continue reading River Walk June 21

Magic Tree

This was today’s topic suggestion from Word Press “You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?” I thought about it and decided that this could be kind of fun  🙂 Now to be truly magic, it doesn’t have to just grow one thing – it can grow something different each day – or whenever… Continue reading Magic Tree

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation, as most of you know is to get to Africa – South Africa to narrow it down a bit. Now, if I’m going to make it that far from home, it just wouldn’t make sense to not go to Australia and New Zealand as well. So, I will bundle it all into… Continue reading Dream Vacation

Monday, Monday

Here we are – Monday has arrived again.  Funny how we have a Monday every week  🙂 We started off my day at -22C and by the time Chester and I left for our walk it was -21C with no wind.  Now thats not bad.  🙂   Well – it wouldn’t have been too bad, except… Continue reading Monday, Monday

August 23rd

Happy birthday to my little brother  Doug today. We had a pretty decent day today here – it got up to 24C under sunny skies.  The rain is supposed to start up again tonight and there is a rainfall warning out for tonight and tomorrow.    Just when I thought the yard might dry a bit.… Continue reading August 23rd