Word Cloud – Pets

I found a free site that makes word clouds out of the words you choose.  You can pick the colours and sizes  of the words and the shape of the cloud.  There are some limitations on the free clouds and you can choose to pay to remove the limitations – I like this free one… Continue reading Word Cloud – Pets

Another Day – Another Year

It is amazing how days blend into weeks, which blend into months and before you know it – another year has come and gone. Good-bye to 2015 and hello to 2016. Chester is doing great.  It has been 3 1/2 years since his last seizure.  He had to slow down a bit for a few… Continue reading Another Day – Another Year

R.I.P Jewel (July 31/96 – May 27/15)

With sadness, I am letting everyone know that my Congo African Grey Parrot, Jewel passed away yesterday.  I have no idea what was wrong as she appeared to be fine right up until the end. While I was home in the evening, she was outside on top of her cage or climbing down to walk… Continue reading R.I.P Jewel (July 31/96 – May 27/15)

The House

Although I considered that the idea of selling my home now had been closed, the agent obviously did not.  She contacted me a few days after I thanked her for her time but that I would not be selling as long as I have Chester. This time she had an investor who wanted my house… Continue reading The House

Selling – Moving ? ?

I’ve been thinking a lot about things lately.  Chester and I are both getting older as is my home.  My house is the oldest of us all, as it was built in 1900, so is now currently 114 years old.  I am 63 years old and Chester is 11 years old.  Jewel is still a… Continue reading Selling – Moving ? ?

Minneapolis – Day 3

My last day in Minneapolis got off to a good start with a bit of blue showing in the sky and the promise of some sun peaking through the clouds.  🙂   Blue Sky Hazel suggested that we take advantage of the weather and go for a walk at a place not far from my… Continue reading Minneapolis – Day 3


I sometimes look at the search words or phrases that people have used to come to my Word Press site.  The stats don’t tell me what page they ended up on with the search, but sometimes I can guess.  Often they seem to just end up on the home page though, which is usually a… Continue reading Searches