June 9 – 10: The Journey Home

My last African sunrise. The morning started off cloudy and the sun was fighting to show itself again, but made a nice early morning sky. This is my last few hours in the park and I am taking a very slow drive to Skukuza, where I will have a late breakfast or an early lunch… Continue reading June 9 – 10: The Journey Home

May 5 & 6 – Travel Days

May 5 Early start this morning. I thought that 2 hours in advance of flight would be expected, but on checking in online at Delta was advised that 3 hours were needed. So, dropped of car at Burger King for Connie to have and had taxi pick me up at 7:45 am to take me… Continue reading May 5 & 6 – Travel Days

August 7 – South Africa

We landed at Johannesburg Airport at 7:10 am – a little earlier than scheduled.  It was a chilly -2C – the coldest day for the year.  There were a few flakes of snow coming down too and there was frost on my little window on the plane.  I didn’t get much (if any) sleep on… Continue reading August 7 – South Africa

South Africa

Don’t worry – you’re hardly going to hear much from me about my upcoming trip to South Africa.  I’m sure that in the next few months leading up to the trip, I will hardly mention it – other than maybe a few hundred times.  🙂 Anyway, the least favourite part of the trip with be… Continue reading South Africa