European Vacation – Rotterdam – Day 1

Today we take Libby back to Brussels to turn her in.  We got up at 6:30, since we had no idea if we would have trouble finding the garage or not.  Knowing us, we probably would. Surprisingly enough, we found the place without any problems at all.  The guy checked her over and wrote ‘no… Continue reading European Vacation – Rotterdam – Day 1

European Vacation – Venice to Aphrodite

We woke up wet this morning in the middle of a thunderstorm.  We had to pack up a wet tent again.  Once we were on the road, it didn’t take long to clear up and get hot again and we are on our way to Greece. The contract on the car rental did not allow… Continue reading European Vacation – Venice to Aphrodite

European Vacation – Denmark

We had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel in Hamburg before leaving, but found out after eating that it was not included in the price of the room here.  Lesson learned – ask – don’t assume. I have no idea where we were planning on going this day, but it seems we missed a turn… Continue reading European Vacation – Denmark