Around the Yard

As I mentioned previously, things are moving quickly in the plant and flower department of my yard.  The Iris burst into bloom yesterday as did the regular Lilacs.  My late Lilacs will likely be fairly soon also. Love that blue sky! This big mushroom is growing on one of my old Elm Tree stumps.  I… Continue reading Around the Yard


Finally we have some warm weather and things are growing.  🙂  Actually, it is going to be a hot weekend – even better!  The trees are starting to open their leaves as we see a bit of green on the branches now.  By the end of this weekend, they should be pretty much fully open.… Continue reading Growth

Song Sparrow and Flowers

It was raining again yesterday morning when Chester and I took our walk along the Red River, so I left my camera at home.  Of course, I saw 3 young Wood Ducks who were on their own at that time.  Pictures in the rain don’t normally look great anyway – but I saw them. A… Continue reading Song Sparrow and Flowers


When Chester and I took our walk this morning, I noticed several Lilies blooming in some yards.  My Lilies don’t even have buds yet, so I am wondering if the Red Lily Bugs did more damage than I at first though.  Maybe since they were decimated last year, it will take a year or 2… Continue reading Lilies

The Red River

I haven’t been out to check the floodway but I imagine it is likely closed off now and the Red River is slowly settling into its summer depth.  It is still a bit high, but it does fluctuate throughout the year anyway. I just took one picture today, showing our big tree being high and… Continue reading The Red River

Marigold vs Red Lily Bug – Day 1

Yesterday I killed all the Red Lily bugs I could find and planted Marigolds beside the Lilies.  Last year I would have found another dozen bugs on the Lilies by the next morning, but this morning there were none to be found.  It is too early to claim a victory – but it is certainly… Continue reading Marigold vs Red Lily Bug – Day 1

Red Lily Bug Strikes Again

Last year I reported my battle here with the Red Lily bugs on my Lilies.  I had never seen them before last year and I have had these Lilies planted in this spot for over 30 years.  I was out there killing the bugs daily until after they finished flowering, but the flowers were much… Continue reading Red Lily Bug Strikes Again


Although I have only the normal orange tiger lily in my yard (which is beautiful on its own), there are many different colours of this beautiful flower.  In my area of the world, the tiger lily flowers in June normally, but some of the larger and fancier ones flower later.  It wouldn’t surprise me if… Continue reading Lily

See the Garden Grow

We survived Chester’s birthday  🙂 We didn’t find any critters on our walk, but under a cloudy sky I decided to take pictures of the plants that are still emerging.  The lilies that I had been wondering about have now made an appearance, much to the delight of the bunnies – so I hope they… Continue reading See the Garden Grow

Let the Garden Grow

I realize I promised Chester pictures today, but decided to wait until his birthday on May 1st, although I may show one or 2 tomorrow, since I took more of him today.  🙂 My plum tree is starting to flower, my tulips are starting to bud and I have lilies (I think) coming up so… Continue reading Let the Garden Grow