May 21 – Olifants

Yesterday afternoon, I took a couple of pictures of the Aloes that grow here and a couple of the Squirrels. The Squirrels were on the ground when I saw them – so I guess they are Ground Squirrels. 🙂     I planned my route last night to drive this morning, so set out at… Continue reading May 21 – Olifants

May 10 – Pretoriuskop to Crocodile Bridge

After the fog wore off this morning, it turned out to be another beautiful day and it was time to pack up and head for Crocodile Bridge. First sighting this morning was a tiny mouse running across the road, but no picture of the little guy.  That sighting was followed by Hyaenas at a den… Continue reading May 10 – Pretoriuskop to Crocodile Bridge

Monkeys & More

Temperature still a little cold for dog walking – right at -35C with the windchill, but tomorrow is looking much better and so are the next few days.  At least, we know this cold stuff is temporary at this time of year. Vervet Monkeys dropped by the Nkorho waterhole on Africam. They are such cute… Continue reading Monkeys & More