Spring on the Red River 2015

I have mentioned before that I see changes every day when Chester and I have our walks along the Red River.  I’ve been saving pictures for the last several days to put all together so you can see these changes yourself.  It has been an interesting spring (as usual), with what seemed like a very… Continue reading Spring on the Red River 2015

A Little More Progress

Each day now we should be seeing a little more progress towards spring!  Of course we will have more snow yet – it is only March – but it won’t last long now.  🙂 I have more pictures of the Red River taken today, and you can see the puddles forming on top of the… Continue reading A Little More Progress

It’s Melting – It’s Really Melting

We have now had a few days of above 0C temperatures and the snow is disappearing!  I can see grass in my yard and the Red River ice is looking like it might be breaking up soon.  The skating trail was closed on the weekend and the warm up huts have been removed. The sidewalks… Continue reading It’s Melting – It’s Really Melting