May 30 – Talamati

I was off to a leisurely start this morning – so it was light enough for a picture of the first critter and that was a Waterbuck. Next was a family of Southern Ground Hornbills holding a road block. Unfortunately, I was the 2nd car in the lineup, so my pictures were taken through the… Continue reading May 30 – Talamati

May 14 – Lower Sabie

First thing this morning I drove to Sunset Dam, where the sightings were African Spoonbill, Hippos, the moon, a pair of Pied Kingfishers, who landed on the bush right beside my car, an Egyptian Goose family, the start of the sunrise,and an African Fish Eagle, just as I was leaving.  It is still not light… Continue reading May 14 – Lower Sabie

May 8 – Pretoriuskop

The moon was beautiful last night with some clouds floating by it. I got an extra early start this morning after waking up at 4:30 am, but I had a great sleep, interrupted only by the sounds of Hyaenas and lions about a 1/2 hour earlier. I could hear cars going by shortly after 5:00… Continue reading May 8 – Pretoriuskop

Its Time to Wish the Americans a Happy 4th of July

It is going to be a very hot and humid day here today.  It was 21C for our walk along the Red River this morning and with humidity of 88%, it felt much warmer.  Walking into my air conditioned home after the walk sure felt good.  The thing is that I keep the temperature inside… Continue reading Its Time to Wish the Americans a Happy 4th of July

Happy Canada Day

It was 21C when Chester and I walked along the Red River this morning.  I figured that my beaver would show on Canada Day – but he was in hiding somewhere.  I did see the family of older Wood Duck babies though.  Then back at the yard, my lilies and mock orange are putting on… Continue reading Happy Canada Day

Mushroom and Beaver Lodge

Whew – today as usual for a Saturday, started out with an exercise class at the Y, followed by breakfast at the Red Top and then Chester’s walk along the Red River.  Then I got the lawnmower out and cut the grass.  By then it was noon and getting quite warm – so I really… Continue reading Mushroom and Beaver Lodge

Beaver Day

Its raining and 14C, but Chester and I took our regular walk along the Red River this morning.  We were rewarded by finally finding the beaver!  Of course, he was in the water and swimming away from me, but I saw him coming towards the shore once he got into the trees and managed to… Continue reading Beaver Day